Let's open up a bit, shall we? by Raven Duran

Love. The most natural and excruciatingly complex emotion in human existence. If you’re a person breathing on planet Earth these days then you most definitely have thought about “love” in some capacity around this time of year. Admit it. We all do. The difference is the way we all process the thought and the way it makes us feel. Single, committed, “it’s complicated”— no matter the status we all still question the nature of love and it’s purpose in our lives.

I’ve been single for awhile now and although I’m uncommitted, I too think about the notion that there may be some person out there perfectly fit for me. From here it seems like a faraway land, like an idea that I toy with and put away for a later date. Yet I still consider the thought, if it showed up today would I be ready? I’m not quite sure and more often than not, I don’t believe that I am.

However I do know that I am very much in love as I write this. I’m in love with my home and the feeling I get when my family is here with me. I’m in love with the mornings when I get to enjoy my coffee while I hang out with my dogs and sleeping as late as I like without judgement or any remorse. I’m in love with the late nights that turn into mornings with my best friends. I’m in love with the long drives home and playing the same song over and over again because it makes me feel some type of way. I love ordering takeout three days in a row and binge watching Vikings on the weekends… because why not? I love the way my imagination runs wild when I meet new people. I love going off the grid and disappearing for awhile. I love having drinks with my sister and laughing until we cry about how incredibly awkward and funny it is to meet people in 2017 (cough, tinder, cough). And I love the feeling of liberation that I have when I choose my happiness over everything else that currently exists in my world. Not because I’m selfish, but more so because one day, when I do meet “the one” he’s going to be receiving a complete version of me. A happy, healthy, fulfilled version of me. And because my family and my friends deserve the best version of me that I have to offer. And I hope that right now, if that perfect person exists, he’s out there enjoying coffee at his favorite spot on a Sunday morning. I hope he’s traveling and meeting people and loving people and thinking. I hope he’s learning new skills and feeling more confident in himself and his purpose everyday. I hope he’s drunk texting nonsense to his friends and meeting women that are great but maybe not quite it… because he can. I hope he’s out there living.

No matter who is in your life, or where this road takes you — love yourself thoroughly. Nothing in the world (I mean it, nothing) is sexier than the person who is in love with their own life.

Now go do it. And for those of you who are still depressed about being alone today, enjoy these series of poems I crafted about Valentine's Day from my heart (obvi).