Water in the Air by Raven Duran

Water in the air

Sweat on my skin

It's true, I'll never see you again

Boats on the harbor

Mirroring souls

Distant planets, yet for a moment we're close

So take me under foreign stars, like the sun won't come for us

When she rises, so will I

It's true, I'm no good at goodbyes

Salt water on your skin

Cosmic alarm 

Forehead kiss

How beautiful it is to see you like this,

for the last time

You didn't know, but I did

Dear Hades, by Raven Duran

You’re one of my favorite people. I think that’s why I’m still here. I feel like we’re connected, just not the way I once considered. I used to think that perhaps we might’ve actually been the best fit for each other. You make me laugh and in all honesty, that’s what really did it for me, that’s what made me look at you and think, yeah this might be it. I feel like you get me. Sometimes, I feel like I get you too. I feel this sadness from you, in you and it fascinates me. I’ve always had a soft spot for broken people. Beautiful broken people might be my vice. My kryptonite. In a room full of people I'll somehow find the most damaged, and I'll give them my heart to try to fill in the space where their own once was.

And there you are. Maybe a part of me wanted to serve as some kind of motivation for you. Some kind of light in the dark. Some kind of love that you need and haven’t had. Another part of me just wanted to be in the dark with you. So my demons could play with yours. Like Hades and Persephone. Those nights we had. Sometimes I think you pulled so far away from me because you didn’t want to take me there with you. I’ve accepted that I’ll probably never know the reason why.

But now, now I’m starting to see that perhaps we’re more star-crossed than anything. Perhaps we were always supposed to meet, to come into each others lives, but if only to recognize something in one another and continue on. I’m not sure yet what it is. Like ships passing in the night. I see you. You see me. Maybe you were here to show me in very clear picture what I do and do not want. In black and white. This you’ve helped me come to understand, most definitely.

Forever fascinating.

Devil's Waltz by Raven Duran

This is my favorite time to create

When the madness seems a little less like madness


These thoughts pour out faster than I can think them

I. am. now, Everything.



I am everything without wings.

The Purpose by Raven Duran

Maybe that's not my purpose here. Maybe my lesson is to see the value in surrendering the thing I want most.

Truly giving my life to the greater cause. To the macrocosm.

Home by Raven Duran

There's no such place

There's only the place you find yourself when you close your eyes

Where your head and your heart collide

Somewhere inside, that is home

Ghosts by Raven Duran

Open doors

Steps we do not take

Gravity pulling us towards 

some kind of calling;

some kind of future

Pathways lead us and as stones,

we keep rolling

Open doors 

Moves we do not make

And when we do,

when we finally do,

well baby, we're just ghosts

Freak by Raven Duran

You speak like a freak
Real nasty choice of words
Silver tongued
Tell me something you might actually mean
– you know, Freudian things
A little slip of the tongue-in-cheek
How do I possibly keep up with those
perfect innuendos?


London Boy by Raven Duran

London boy

Remember last December?

It rained on the beach and we slept by the sea

Locked ourselves in room 203

You gave me the keys

— you gave me the keys to the kingdom

Sympathy for the Angels by Raven Duran

So long, sweet city.

You’re breeding dangerous things.

Wild and beautiful, dangerous things.

My sweet city, where angels sleep.

I’ll be back again.

An ex lover, a moth, a flame.

I’ll always find my way.

Back to you.

They say you lose yourself here.

That the angels deceive.

Not me.

I found a beautiful, wonderful dangerous thing.

Inside me.

Sweet city, you saved me.

Out of the depths of the mundane.

The fires of the past.

I fell straight in your path.

And you saved me.


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99 Miles by Raven Duran

I'm doing 99 on 99

3 hours of highway passed

Black trees cast shadows 

On vacant hillsides

Obscure in the morning sun

Race the clock

And the clouds

The rain falls in my brain

As above; so below

Isn't that what they say?

What kind of quiet do I feel in this space?

99 miles an hour

28,000 feet and going fast

This place doesn't feel like home to me

Get me out of Nowhere Land




MY MUSE by Raven Duran

You are my muse. The very thing that moves me to the point of creation.

Every time.

You are time and time again the seed that blossoms in my mind. Each creation, each piece I write somewhere in the words, in the letters, you are there. The beauty that flows through me when I think of you is insurmountable.

Things I didn’t even know I knew, I do with you. Your existence in my world, your steps on this planet — make me want to experience everything this life has to offer.

Even the pain. The beautiful pain that draws from it a beautiful awakening within my soul. The pain which allows me to recognize my abilities. Great pain and great power and great love and great joy.

This is a single moment with you.

I create with you in my heart, as it’s the only way I know how to reveal what I am.

I create for you because I can not otherwise express the immenseness of my love.

You are the paint on my canvas.

You are the melody in my song.

Like the strings on my guitar.

You are my muse.



STILL by Raven Duran

I missed you before him

In fact, you lead me straight here

Into him

Like a runaway train

I sought refuge from you

Straight to him

I missed you while we ate food

And slept on his sofa

While we laughed and talked all night about his life and mine

I still missed you

I missed you after it was all over

After the fun was done and the lights were dimmed

After everything was out because I can't pretend

That I don't miss you

I cant pretend that you aren't still my first "what if?" 

And my second "...who cares?"

Still the only one I write about

Ever, even now

How'd things get this far?

I'm home alone

And I miss you



12:46 AM

You're too sensitive, kid by Raven Duran

I can see through them

Right to the seats of their souls

I can feel them like we're sharing heartbeats

Strangers' pain that I try on for size

Their fears try to become mine

Planting seeds in the garden of my mind


Relax and detach 

I try to remember

"Because that's not your path"

I want to but I can't save them all