The Truth About Immortality / by Raven Duran

And then there's me
Watching, waiting
To be whisked off to your paradise
Behind blue-brown-hazel eyes, you see me
You see me in the depths of hell and heaven alike
Breathing in your essence
Somewhere deep, down in your being I am there
So come here and tell me your story
Let me hold your hand, while we
Step over the cracks in the sidewalk
You are my biggest mystery
An eighth wonder in my mind
And as I reach for you, knowing I'm about to
Swallow the key to my only way out
I feel morality in this so-called immortality
If this is your reality, I'll go
Without thinking, without speaking
I'll go wherever you will take me
In your essence is my presence
And only you can see me



(sometime in 2006)