MY MUSE / by Raven Duran

You are my muse. The very thing that moves me to the point of creation.

Every time.

You are time and time again the seed that blossoms in my mind. Each creation, each piece I write somewhere in the words, in the letters, you are there. The beauty that flows through me when I think of you is insurmountable.

Things I didn’t even know I knew, I do with you. Your existence in my world, your steps on this planet — make me want to experience everything this life has to offer.

Even the pain. The beautiful pain that draws from it a beautiful awakening within my soul. The pain which allows me to recognize my abilities. Great pain and great power and great love and great joy.

This is a single moment with you.

I create with you in my heart, as it’s the only way I know how to reveal what I am.

I create for you because I can not otherwise express the immenseness of my love.

You are the paint on my canvas.

You are the melody in my song.

Like the strings on my guitar.

You are my muse.