Dear Hades, / by Raven Duran

You’re one of my favorite people. I think that’s why I’m still here. I feel like we’re connected, just not the way I once considered. I used to think that perhaps we might’ve actually been the best fit for each other. You make me laugh and in all honesty, that’s what really did it for me, that’s what made me look at you and think, yeah this might be it. I feel like you get me. Sometimes, I feel like I get you too. I feel this sadness from you, in you and it fascinates me. I’ve always had a soft spot for broken people. Beautiful broken people might be my vice. My kryptonite. In a room full of people I'll somehow find the most damaged, and I'll give them my heart to try to fill in the space where their own once was.

And there you are. Maybe a part of me wanted to serve as some kind of motivation for you. Some kind of light in the dark. Some kind of love that you need and haven’t had. Another part of me just wanted to be in the dark with you. So my demons could play with yours. Like Hades and Persephone. Those nights we had. Sometimes I think you pulled so far away from me because you didn’t want to take me there with you. I’ve accepted that I’ll probably never know the reason why.

But now, now I’m starting to see that perhaps we’re more star-crossed than anything. Perhaps we were always supposed to meet, to come into each others lives, but if only to recognize something in one another and continue on. I’m not sure yet what it is. Like ships passing in the night. I see you. You see me. Maybe you were here to show me in very clear picture what I do and do not want. In black and white. This you’ve helped me come to understand, most definitely.

Forever fascinating.